New Brew Spotlight

The Cult of Demeter

Rye Pale Ale/ 5.5 ABV

The Goddess of Harvest figured out necessity is not always the mother of invention. A perfect amount of rye joins other malts offering up a crips & slightly spicy flavor to this pale ale. Join the cult!

Current Craft Brews on Tap ……

The Footsteps And Floorboards

White IPA / 6.7  ABV
Treading lightly on malt character & moderately on hop bitterness. Peaking notes of bright citrus finishing with a shadowy sweet melon you could miss if not careful. 

The Barbaros Oat

Oatmeal Milk Stout / 5.0% ABV
          Oatmeal Milk Stout full body with a lustrous texture and a tenuous nutty/grainy flavor.

It’s not you it’s me, ok it’s you

Fruited Sour / Nitro / 4.7% ABV
Singularly hopped with Lemondrop.

Young, Dumb, and full of BUBBLEGUM

Saison Nitro / 6.3 ABV
An aromatic and quite fruity experience. Notes of bubble gum & classic Saison taste.

The Anti-Valentine

Dark Wheat Nitro / 8.3 ABV
Selfless hands guide the way w/ big notes of chocolate and airy smoke. As they let go, you’re left with a menacing burn.

The Spearhead

Rye IPA Nitro/ 6.8 ABV
A select few will appreciate the Mediterranean splendor, that is, the origins of rye & anise. The tangy & sweet profile balance the hop bitterness. You will love it or hate it.

La Femelle Polie

Hazelnut Café Crème Porter / 7.0 ABV
Hazelnut Café Créme Porter Breakfast, lunch or dinner she can be enjoyed throughout the day. Noisettes & café créme present the right amount of European flair to this American porter.

The Art of Insincerity

Pale Ale / 6.3% ABV
This artfully simplistic pale ale is prepared just for you.


Black Saison / 7.8 ABV
An unfamiliar twist for the rare & radiant. Verses of rustic earth, dark fruit & chocolate
    write a faultless poetic rhythm 

The Limelite

American Pilsner / 4.3 ABV
Finally a boring beer! Low ABV, minimal hops & a bready finish. Well, let’s call it classic & dressed up with a touch of lime.

I’m Your Huckleberry

Fruited Wheat / 6.8 ABV
A stunning golden color and ever so softly sweet. Delicately hopped as to embrace the cake she baked for me.

 I’m good enough, I’m smart enough & doggone it, people like me

Berry Sour / 4.0 ABV
Bunches of magic berries and punches of pucker!

The Great Basin

DIPA / 8.0% ABV
A well Balanced DIPA over 100 IBU’s. A Piney Resin Up Front with a Danky sweetness and a bitter ending.

Arctic Punch

Craft Soda/Non Alcoholic

Beer Cocktails (Coming back soon!)

The Bloody Summit

Homemade Bloody Mary mix with a mild spice and big bite served over our hazy IPA. Is a great Sunday starter.


Handmade cranberry soda paired with the oh so lovely corduroy road. Gala apples and cranberries garnish this beauty along side a sweet spray of apple tincture.

The Barbaros S’mores

A lustrous milk stout in a chocolate drizzled glass, marshmallow fluff rim dusted with graham cracker and cocoa. Garnished with toasted marshmallow .

The Lemon Rose

Our corduroy road graced with a lemon twist and fresh charred rosemary.

Crowlers, Cans and Flights available!