New Brew Spotlight


Black Saison / 7.8 ABV

An unfamiliar twist for the rare & radiant. Verses of rustic earth, dark fruit & chocolate write a faultless poetic rhythm.


Current Craft Brews on Tap ……

The Trestle (Nitro)

Rye Beer / 4.0 ABV
+ Let’s put it all out on the table. It’s 4.0 abv, dusky, peppery, & has bready overtones. Don’t hate just yet! This rye also boosts malt characters of caramel, biscuit, & toffee aromatics for a well polished rye lover.

The Therapist & His Elixir (Nitro)

Coffee Porter| 7.0% ABV
+ Organic fair trade Kona, lactose & Madagascar vanilla creates a delightfully therapeutic beer that drinks like a smooth espresso.

The River Runs Black (Nitro)

Black IPA / 8.0% ABV 
+ With a lower IBU, a perceptible dark caramel flavor prevails.

Bristlecone Basin

Double IPA / 8.0 ABV
+ A well Balanced DIPA over 100 IBU’s. A Piney Resin Up Front with a Danky sweetness and a bitter ending.

The Barbaros Oat

Oatmeal Milk Stout / 4.9% ABV
+ Full body with a lustrous texture and a tenuous nutty/grainy flavor .

Cloudy Mosaic Sky

American IPA / 7.9 ABV
A cloudy version of Mosaic Sky, a soft, silky American IPA that boasts fruity floral tropical notes and leaves you craving a second pour.


NorthEast IPA / 6.3% ABV 
+ There is Nonesuch an IPA such as this!

Kate’s Kiss

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bock / 7.8 ABV
+ A perfect kiss of peanut butter & chocolate wrapped up in every little sip of this grand black bock.

The Road to Fislers Mill

Cream Ale / 5.5% ABV
+ A light bodied beer with a hint of Maize dedicated to Clayton’s hard working men and women of the past, present & future.

The Graceful Maiden

Pale Ale / 7.0 ABV
+ This radiant amber colored ale bridges the light to dark beer gap flawlessly. A touch of sweetness softens the hops making a malty holiday warmer.

The Joker

Pilsner / 5.1 ABV
+ A crisp, clean & simple brew for any occasion. Just what the doctor ordered!

Beer Cocktails (Coming back soon!)

The Bloody Summit

Homemade Bloody Mary mix with a mild spice and big bite served over our hazy IPA. Is a great Sunday starter.


Handmade cranberry soda paired with the oh so lovely corduroy road. Gala apples and cranberries garnish this beauty along side a sweet spray of apple tincture.

The Barbaros S’mores

A lustrous milk stout in a chocolate drizzled glass, marshmallow fluff rim dusted with graham cracker and cocoa. Garnished with toasted marshmallow .

The Lemon Rose

Our corduroy road graced with a lemon twist and fresh charred rosemary.

Crowlers, Cans and Flights available!