The dedicated team at Core3 Brewery have come together to create the most inviting, unique craft brewery in South Jersey.

Alexi Skriapas


“If you give me a set of directions, I will be sure not to follow them”

-Alexi Skriapas

Larry Price


After almost twenty years in the film industry, I wanted to open up this brewery to create a unique place where family and friends old and new, have a place to meet and enjoy themselves in a comfortable social environment.

With Core3, I sought to build a truly unique space and experience for craft beer lovers. 

I’m excited for the future of Core3 – we have some amazing customers and staff, and a truly unique product to share. Like everything else in my life, we’ll continue to seek excellence and will approach every challenge with relish.

Katie DiMatteo

Taproom Manager

After leaving the dental field to focus on family, I came to lend a helping hand during Core 3’s first few months. Little did I know it would turn into a life changing experience.

Now I manage the taproom and handle behind the scenes paperwork and events.

Every shift I work behind the bar, I get chances to make connections with people from all over.

Work isn’t work when you love what you do! I now know this to be true and I look forward to growing with the Core 3 family.