Road Trippin’ With Core3 Brews

What better way to enjoy our favorite Core3 brews than to take them on the road? With everything going on in the world, the most logical travel destination for this trip proved to be Shenandoah National Park for a few days of hiking, local winery and distillery visits and downtime with some of the BEST views nature has to offer.

Taking a few of our favorite craft beers in tow, we headed down to Virginia for our holiday. It’s an easy drive from NJ to the Shenandoah Valley, and the area naturally offers a socially-distanced, open-air environment to relax and unwind.

Our first stop was to Copper Fox Distillery, where we sat outside, enjoying their spirits and custom cocktails near a happy little babbling brook. We considered opening one of our Core3 Brewery brews, I was particularly craving the Road to Fisler’s Mill after sipping whisky, but other settings beckoned, so in the cooler it stayed.

Copper Fox Distillery

Next stop on our way into the valley was Rappahannock Cellars, where we enjoyed some fantastic local wines and the day’s sunshine.

Our travelling brews got to show face for a second before being popped back into the cooler for the duration of the drive. They would make their debut on the hiking trails the next day.

We made sure to photograph our roving craft beers at the park entrance!

Stony Man Summit is the highest point in Shenandoah National Park, and the hike is a nice one. The view is impressive, even on a partially cloudy day like the day were there. There’s something about literally having your head in the clouds (which were blue, by the way) as you peer over the edge of the earth at 4,011 feet, that calms the soul.

Finally, we could enjoy one of our brews – and the first choice was The Road to Fisler’s Mill Cream Ale I had been craving for more than a day.

Down the trail a bit, and about 400 feet below in elevation, is Little Stony Man, so we made sure to gets shots in both spots. Don’t they cans look great with that backdrop? The Barbaros Oat Oatmeal Milk Stout was enjoyed at Little Stony Man. 🙂

Our next trail took us to Bushy Point, a short trail to a cozy little nook peeking out between some trees and shrubs at the valley below. (By this point, we only had Bristlecone Basin Double IPA left – so that can got all the glory of the view in this shot and was enjoyed as we dangled our legs off the rocky edge.)

As the piece de resistance for any avid hiker’s who may be reading this, we saved the last shot for you. The Appalachian Trail is a renowned hiking path winding from 2,192 miles that run from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine. Our Core 3 Brews made the trek for part of that well-known route.

We realized that nothing makes a hike more worth it than having a refreshing craft brew to sip once you gain your destination. (responsibly, of course) .

We’ll be bringing Core3 cans with us on our future trips.

Where are you taking your Core3 Brews this summer?

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